Virginia Cano  &

            Lauro Saldaña, Sr.


Lauro Saldaña, Sr.: Born  April 22, 1895 in  Mier, Tamps., Mexico

Parents:  Santos Saldaña and Luisa Mendez Lopez

Siblings: Enriqueta, Adela, Aurora, Maria Delicia, Beningno, & Juan

Married: Virginia Cano on November 23, 1936 in Edinburg, Texas

Children: Lauro, Jr., Maria Luisa (aka Karina), Juan Jose

     Lauro Saldana, Sr. parents were living in the Edcouch/Mercedes area when his parents were visiting his grandparents (Estefana & Beningo Saldaña) in Mier, Tamps., Mexico and his mom went into labor and delivered  him in Mexico.. After many years of trying to get his citizenship, he became a naturalized citizen in 1954. All of his brothers and sisters were born in Texas.  He attended school up to the fifth grade and dropped out to support the family. He was seventeen years old when his father Santos died. They  raised the family in the Mercedes and Edcouch area in Hidalgo County, Texas. 

    Lauro Sr. was involved in farming all of his life in the Driscoll, Edcouch and Mercedes area.  He bought a 52 acre farm north of Mercedes where we now currently reside. He was   very involved with Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church. He was a man of faith and taught it by example. My husband, Lauro tells stories of his father getting the family together before bed and reciting the rosary every night. He donated the first bale of cotton to the church every year regardless of the crop yields. Farming was a gamble in a way since sometimes not much profit was made.  My husband Lauro tells stories of the economic hardships they endured.  Even though they were going through hard economic times, the value of an education was instilled and valued with high expectations. They attended school at North Palm Gardens, Edcouch and Mercedes.  After graduation my husband through a scholarship attended college. Virginia (Lauro's mom) was a hard working woman who loved the outdoors. She loved to have animals in the farm like chickens, pigs, cows, ducks, birds, etc. She  loved to go outside and trim trees, plant and water plants. She loved to go to garage and flea market sales for buying and selling. She  was a business woman who had experience working in a small country store that she owned and managed from her home.  I also remember stories that she would tell me about assisting  "parteras" in delivering babies. She was an excellent cook who served a three course meal even for breakfast. She set the table with a small glass of juice, a glass of milk or coffee, freshly made flour tortillas or toast, sunny side up eggs with bacon and potatoes on the side. She made the best fried chicken I have ever tasted. Some of the favorites were fluffy homemade pan cakes, biscuits, delicious round slices potatoes fried with onions and of course delicious tamales and capirotada. Her nopalitos were delicious, too. She gave credit to learning how to cook to Mrs. Carter who she worked with as a housekeeper for many years. Mrs. Carter had a farm closeby.

      My father-in-law, Lauro, Sr. died January 13, 1970 in McAllen, Texas after a short illness. My mother-in-law, Virginia died December 12, 1998 in McAllen, Texas. They are both buried at Highland Memorial Cemetery.