The Ruben Jesus Salinas Family

Margarita Gonzalez & Ruben Jesus Salinas

       Ruben Jesus Salinas

       Born: September 4, 1912

       Place: Las Escobas Ranch in Starr County, Texas

       Parents: Nicolasa Garcia and Francisco Salinas

       Siblings: Lauro H.



       Married: Margarita Gonzalez in Roma, Texas on Sept. 9, 1940

                       Daughter of Gertrudis and Abraham Gonzalez 

        Chrildren:  Lauro Ruben


                          Maria Irma

                          Maria Elena

                          Ricardo Ramiro

      Personal Story: My Dad was not well traveled so a honeymoon trip to Laredo, Texas from Las Escobas Ranch was a big challenge .His brother,  Lauro accompanied them on their honeymoon by being their chauffer. My mom said it was a fun trip for the boys but embarrassing for her. Women just didn’t go out overnight with men. It was hard for her to conceptualize she was now married. My Mom met my Dad in Rio Grande City, Texas at my grandfather’s Panchito sister’s (Tía Paulita) home.  My mom was a seamstress and was sewing some curtains for Tía Paulita. It appeared that every time they wanted to get together they would meet at Tía Paulita’s.  My maternal grandmother, Mamá Tulitas questioned my mom, “You have been working on curtains for Paulita for many weeks; how many windows in her home?” At that time my mom told her that she had a boyfriend. So they got married and had a wedding in Roma, Texas with a big ranch party with many guests. They moved into my paternal grandparents home after their wedding. For a while they would sleep on the floor in the kitchen. They slept at my uncle Salvador's house (headquarters) for a while until eventually they bought a home. 


      My father devoted all of his life to working on the ranch property by maintaining fences, repairing windmills, working the cattle, harvesting planted crops such as cotton, buffel grass, watermelons and corn with his brother Lauro. His brother, Lauro managed the business and paper work of the ranch and my Dad managed the physical work of the ranch.  There are many stories of my childhood to be told. One being that as ranch hands were picking cotton on the fields I was jumping on the cotton in the trailer wearing a dress (didn’t wear pants at the time). My father was not the spanking type but that day he exercised all his patience because he almost spanked me. He was a very calm and patient man. He had artistic talents in art and music. Even though he had such a short life, his presence is in all of his children and grandchildren in so many ways.

     After my father’s tragic death at the age of 49 years of age on September 6, 1961, my uncle Lauro managed my Dad's estate for 17 years and became a father figure for us. My brother Francisco managed the estate from 1978 to 1987.  We were forced to mature fast and motivated to get an education and be successful to make him proud. My mother widowed at age 40 years of age and devoted her entire life to her children and the ranch. The estate of Ruben J. Salinas was partitioned and passed on to the children by my mother Margarita Gonzalez Salinas. My mom passed away at 91 years of age on August 8, 2012 in Mercedes, Texas.


    My oldest brother, Lauro Ruben resides in Harlingen and manages his ranch "El Siete" in Las Escobas. He has three daughters, Shiree Danette, Laura Marie, and Christine Salinas. He is married to Maria Salinas de Vidales. Francisco Salinas, second oldest brother, died March 19, 1987 in Bryan, Texas after a five year battle with cancer. He is survived by two daughters, Edna Marie Salinas (Titus) and Veronica Salinas (Mefford). Ricardo Ramiro Salinas, my youngest brother, manages his property "El Gato" along with my sister Maria Elena's estate who died July 21, 1994 in Kingsville, Texas. Ricardo has three daughters, Rebecca, Roxana, and Robyn. Texas.


    My husband, Lauro Saldaña, Jr. and I reside in Mercedes, Texas. We manage our inherited portion of “El Rancho Las Escobas” in Starr County by traveling back and forth to the ranch. We have three sons. Our oldest son  Ruben J. Saldaña, Sr. married to Rebecca  Reneé Hines. They have two children, Ruben, Jr. and Katherine Marie. They live in Weslaco, Texas. Our second oldest son  Luis Hector married Deborah Anne Escobar. They have three children, David, Victoria and Matthew. They live out of town between Weslaco and Mercedes, Texas. Our youngest son is a bachelor residing in Washington DC. 

1953 at Mamá Tulita's home

First born son: Lauro Ruben Salinas

Francisco (standing) and Maria Irma (baby) with Mom (Margarita Gonzalez de Salinas)

Mom and Dad with third child: Maria Elena

Ricardo (youngest son) and  Ruben J. Salinas (father)  1960

In Memory of my mom,

Margarita Gonzalez Salinas who

passed away August 8, 2012 at the age of 91 years.

My Mom, Margarita Gonzalez de Salinas 85th birthday.