Jose Pedro Garcia


Maria Isabel Salinas

      Jose Pedro Garcia: Born May 5, 1837

      Place:  Mier, Tamauilipas, Mexico.  

      Parents: Juan de Dios Garcia and Maria Justa Garcia.

      Married: Maria Isabel Salinas, born  December 3, 1839 in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico                     November 30, 1861 in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

      Parents: Jose Pio Salinas and Maria Gregoria Guerra. 


      Children: Nicolasa  married Francisco Salinas

                      Maria Celsa  married Albino Guerra

                     * Ma. Francisca  married Jose Alvino Garcia

                      Ma. Estefana married Jose Alejos Guerra

                      Ma. Teodula married Jose Lucio Guerra

                      Eusebio married 1. Brunita Guerra  2. Antonia Saenz

                      Rafael married Paula Saenz

                     *Jose Francisco (first born)

                     Maria married Martin Guerra

  * born in Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico; the other children were born in San Diego, Texas, Duval County.  


  There is a 22 year difference of age between the first born (Jose Francisco) and the youngest child (Eusebio). They lived most of their lives at El Brazil Ranch in Starr County, Texas. Four of the six  Garcia girls married into the Guerra family. Maria Teodula married Jose Lucio Guerra. They had a daughter named Anastacia Guerra who married Salvador Salinas, son of Jose A. Salinas. The little boy pictured below is the son of Estefana and Jose Alejos Guerra.

Sitting: Eusebio Garcia, Nicolasa "Chata" Garcia Salinas, Celsa Garcia Guerra, Maria Garcia Guerra (brother with three sisters...son and daughters of Jose Pedro Garcia and Maria Isabel Salinas
Standing:  Eva Guerra (Celsa's daughter), Vicentita Guerra (grandaughter) and Flugencia "Quencha" Garcia (Francisca's daughter (sibling to people in front row)