Jose Felipe Guerra and Josefa Gonzalez

 Jose Felipe Guerra Hinojosa y  María Josefa Gonzalez

 Jose Felipe Guerra Hinojosa: Born May 9, 1824, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  


 Parents: Jose de los Angeles Guerra & 

       (1) Ma. Rosalia Timotea Hinojosa. (1/9/1811), 

             8 children,  (Died: 11/29/1825)

       (2)  Ma. Juliana Guerra Canamar (6/17/1826) 

              6 children


Married Maria Josefa Gonzalez  May 12, 1845 at the Inmaculada Purisima Concepción Catholic Church in Cd. Mier. She was born November 8, 1829,  in San Diego, Texas, Duval County.  

Parents: Jose Prudencio Gonzalez and Maria Antonia Juliana Garcia.  (Josefa had 10 siblings)


They were some of the first citizens of the city of Roma, They only had one child, Maria Emeteria who was born in Mier.

Children:     They had five children:  Maria Emeteria , Jose de Jesus, Maria Emilia, Jose Francisco and Diodoro were born in Starr County, but they were baptized in Mier at the Inmaculada Purisima Concepcion Catholic Church. 

After acquiring some property, they moved to Las Escobas Ranch in the mid 1850's and started constructing a home.


   In the census of 1860, Jose Felipe's occupation was listed as a stockraiser with $3,000 in real estate and $2,000 in personal estate. His herdsman who took care of his ranch was Jesus Ramirez. His father-in-law, Don Prudencio Gonzalez was also a citizen of Roma and also a stockraiser with $4,000 in real estate and $3,000 in persoanl estate.


    Jose Felipe and Maria Josefa cared about the education of their children and ranch workers. Jose Felipe opened a school at Las Escobas by hiring two teachers. Ezra B. Houston was the teacher who taught the children in English and lived at the ranch as a boarder. He also was the 1880 enumerator for Starr County. My great great grandfather also hired Jose A. Salinas (my great grandfather) to teach in Spanish. Las Escobas was probably one of the first to have bilingual education.


     According to the Starr County tax rolls from 1866-1884, the last year that he appeared on the rolls, he maintained an average heard of 280 horses, 422 cattle, 1,564 sheep, and 528 head of goats. His best year was 1883 when he had 641 head of horses, 1,404 head of cattle, 1800 head of sheep, and 500 head of goats. He also was listed as having five carriages. His net worth for the year 1884 including all livestock, land, and personal items was $60,480. This is equivalent to about 23 million dollars in 1999. 


    My great great grandfather, Jose Felipe died in March of 1891 in Starr County. He is buried in a crypt close to the main ranch house at Las Escobas Ranch. Jose Felipe Guerra left a legacy of being one of the pioneer cattlemen who tamed the harsh brush country of Starr County to make it profitable for himself and for future generations to continue in the ranching business. 

     In 1894 Las Escobas Ranch consisted of porciones 109, 110, 111 and numerous surveys were partitioned into thirteen shares with Doña Josefa and her five children receiving the most of the estate and the rest going to other Guerra family members. Upon the death of Jose Felipe Guerra  , 18,000 acres and the Las Escobas Ranch headquarters were passed to his daughter, Maria Emilia Guerra.  Some of the other ranches that Don Felipe owned were Las Cuevitas inherited by Maria Emeteria Guerra, San Roman Ranch inherited by Jose Felipe's oldest son Jesus Guerra, Las Viboras inherited by Jose Francisco Guerra, and Charco Largo Ranch inherited by Diodoro Guerra.

Felipe Guerra Hinojosa Signature
Felipe Guerra Hinojosa Cattle Brands
Jose Felipe Hinojosa Guerra
Died: March, 1891
Photo taken in 2003 shows his tomb behind the headquarters ranch house

Resources: "El Mesteño, Homero Vera, May 2001; 1870 and 1880 census,  1866 - 1844 tax rolls, interview: Uvaldo Salinas.

The following pictures are the sons and daughters  and their spouses of Jose Felipe Guerra and Maria Josefa Gonzalez' children: Maria Emilia, Jose Jesus, Francisco, Diodoro and Maria Emeteria.

Jose A. Salinas & Maria Emilia Guerra

Jose de Jesus Guerra & Manuela Barrera de Guerra 

Diodoro Guerra & Maria Matilde Guerra

Jose Francisco Guerra & Mercedes Peña