The Salinas and Saldaña Family


Genealogy by Genetics is becoming very popular among genealogists. DNA testing is not a substitute for traditional family history research. It's a tool to assist in family tree research or ancestry. DNA testing determines the genetic relationship between individuals. Y-DNA (paternal) testing is used only for males (passed from father to son) and the mtDNA (maternal) testing is both for males and females (passed from mother to her children both females and males). There are several companies available for DNA testing at reasonable prices. I have used FamilyTreeDNA for my brother and 23andme for me. The results are interesting. I am not very knowledgeable in genetics and hope to continue to learn as I explore it further. Finding relatives has been very exciting. I have connected with cousins from all over the country.
 My brother, Lauro R. Salinas test results from Family Tree DNA show that we come from "I1c" haplogroup dating back 23,000 years or longer. Lineages not branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe. The Ilc lineage has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking/Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe. The map shows the place of origin and migration routes.
Maria Irma Saldaña Salinas DNA Results
from 23andme
My maternal haplogroup is J1b tracing back through mitochrondial DNA. Both males and females possess mtDNA, but only women pass it on to their children. We inherit our mtDNA from our mothers, not our fathers. Our mothers inherited it from their mothers who inherited from their mothers and so on. MtDNA traces an unbroken maternal line generation upon generation. Our haplogroup identifies our deep ancestry. I am a member of haplogroup J. Haplogroup J originated in the Middle East some 50,000 years ago. They migrated to Europe searching for their lively hood for water, unsettled land and better hunting. My clan mother ancestor was among them. I have one of the highest Middle Eastern % matches in this area. I come from the clan of Jasmine. Her clan brought agriculture to Europe.