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 Salinas and Saldaña Family 


     Welcome to the Maria Irma Salinas Saldaña and Lauro Cano Saldaña, Jr. Family website.  The purpose of this website is to preserve our family legacy  and ancestor history. It is with great pleasure to share our rich cultural heritage and cherished stories.Tracing your family roots is both rewarding and exciting.  We invite anyone who shares our family roots to email us so that we may connect and share information. This website is mostly on my (Maria Irma) paternal Salinas, Guerra, Garcia ancestors. My maternal Gonzalez ancestry is evolving but much work still needs to be done. My husband's (Lauro) Saldaña-Cano family tree is progressing. Genealogy is never finished!!!


     The navigation buttons on the left hand side describe the following:


Las Escobas Ranch: Explains the founding of  Las Escobas Ranch in Starr County.


Jose Felipe H. Guerra: All about my paternal great great grandfather who founded Las Escobas Ranch in Starr County.


Guerra Generations:  A narrative of eight Guerra generations from 1603 - 1824. 


Jose A. Salinas: All about my paternal great grandfather (Salinas-Barrera)


Francisco Salinas & Nicolasa Garcia:  All about my paternal grandfather  and paternal grandmother


Jose Pedro Garcia: My great grandfather (Nicolasa Garcia's father)


Ruben J. Salinas & Margarita Gonzalez:  My father (son of Francisco  & Nicolasa) and mother (daughter of Abraham and Gertrudis)


Gonzalez Family:  My maternal grandparents: Abraham Gonzalez and  Gertrudis Salinas 


Salinas & Saldaña: Our family (Maria Irma & Lauro Saldaña, Jr.)


Saldaña Family: The Lauro Saldaña, Sr. and Virginia Cano Family


Pedigree Charts: PDF Documents of surname family lineages


Photo Gallery: Lots of pictures


El Rancho Las Escobas: The ranch today.


Contact Us: Explains where to be contacted.


Maria Irma Salinas Saldana and Lauro Cano Saldana, Jr.
Pictured in front of the Jose Felipe Hinojosa Guerra Headquarters Ranch Home. 2015
The Salinas Saldaña Family 
Thanksgiving 2017

Where we live...

      We reside in Mercedes, Texas, the Queen City of the Rio Grande Valley, located on U.S. Highway 83 in southeastern Hidalgo County. Mercedes is a very historical town settled by ranchers in the 1770s. It was part of the Llano Grande Spanish land grant issued on May 29, 1790 to Juan José Ynojosa de Ballí. During the 1850s it was the location of the Anacuitas Ranch owned by Ramon and Manuel Cavazos. The City of Mercedes was founded in 1907 and incorporated on March 8, 1909.


     Mercedes, Texas is approximately 45 minutes from South Padre Island to the east and 25 minutes to McAllen, Texas to the west. It is about 8 miles from Mexico to the south. Our ranch "El Rancho Las Escobas"  is in Starr County about 90 miles west of Mercedes.

History of Mercedes, Texas